Delegation is fundamental to any business, you cannot grow without it.  You cannot do everything on your own.  Without delegation, you are at risk of losing new opportunities because you simply do not have the time to take advantage of them.

You can delegate tasks within your business / team or you can outsource tasks to an associate company.

Firstly, think about what tasks you can or want to outsource?

Finance is an obvious one.  When you find yourself a reliable bookkeeper, you will immediately notice a lot of difficult, time consuming administration goes away.

Think about the other jobs that you do that perhaps don’t play to your strengths or that stop you from concentrating on the income generating part of your business.

You might want to think about delegating aspects of a task or parts of a project that you are working on.  For example, if you are running an event, you might want to outsource the logistics part, booking hotel rooms, keeping a log of who is attending, which day they are attending etc. etc.  I know some HR Consultants who outsource the minute taking aspect of their business as it’s good to have an independent person taking the minutes especially at grievance hearings.

At LinksVA, we understand the fear you might feel when considering outsourcing and why you may place obstacles in the way, but believe me, you can overcome the fear and remove the obstacles and we are here to help you.

Common Delegation Excuses

Delegating takes too long

It is very easy to ‘just do it myself’ especially if the task is a quick and easy one and it’s very true that delegation requires an up-front investment of time.  Of course you have to show someone else how to complete the task that you may be able to do without thinking but remember, when this task comes up again, it will require less time and effort from you and very soon, you will be able to hand it over completely.

The other person will not do the job correctly

Many people avoid delegating because they’re afraid that the person they’re delegating to will not complete the task correctly, or with the same level of quality as they would themselves.  While this concern is valid, you can avoid this problem by giving the other person enough guidance and support, and by communicating your expectations about the task.  If you are outsourcing to an associate company, ensure the brief is clear and take your time in choosing the right partner for you and your business.

I’m the only person who can do this

You may be the only person who is doing this task but this doesn’t mean you cannot pass on your knowledge and skills to someone else.  Remember, once you start to delegate you will free up your time to focus on more high valued tasks.

I should continue to do the task because I am good at it

Most of the time, the tasks that you should delegate first are the ones that you’ve already mastered. Therefore, it’s tempting to want to hang on to these tasks, because you know how to do them inside and out. You might even enjoy doing them.

However, the longer you do them, the less progress you’ll make in working on and growing your business. Let go of the notion that you have to do it all. You’ll be more valuable to your business, and you’ll create greater opportunities by delegating the tasks you know well and putting your skills to work in new ways. Delegation will also allow you to avoid getting your business “stuck in a rut”.

Choosing what to delegate or outsource

This is an important step because there will certainly be some activities that you will still need to perform.  For example, you could not delegate such tasks as performance management or recruitment (however, you could outsource the actual recruitment process which will save you time sifting through hundreds of CV’s).  You could easily delegate tasks such as bookkeeping, payroll, preparation of your monthly newsletter, data entry, routine reporting, managing your database, liaising with your clients and the list goes on.

First, identify the routine tasks and activities that you perform on a regular basis, remember to include the one’s you enjoy doing.  They can include arranging meetings with clients, checking emails, returning phone calls, managing the delegate list for your event etc.  Remember some tasks can be broken down and it is quite possible to outsource just one aspect of a task.

Please see the delegation log below to assist you:


Now you have a comprehensive list of your routine tasks and sub-tasks.  Next you need to determine which of these you can or cannot delegate or outsource to someone else.

Remember, effective Managers are not afraid to delegate

Five Stages of Delegation

I DO Realisation
I DO, YOU WATCH Observation
WE DO Collaboration
YOU DO, I WATCH Evaluation
YOU DO Delegation


If you need help delegating tasks to enable you to work on your business rather than in it, please contact Julia – julia@linksva.co.uk