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What is your business card worth?

I was busy inputting the details of various business cards onto web mail for a client when I got thinking… What is your business card worth?

The answer is you just don’t know, at least not until it has developed into a sale.Business Card

So what information should you include on your business card?

Your details

Name & position

Your name is a good start followed by the name of your business. I think it is also a good idea to include your role in the company, it tells prospective clients exactly who they are dealing with.

Your contact information

Phone & mobile number/s

Next include your contact details. It gives more kudos if you include a landline number as well as your mobile number. If you do not have an office and office phone number, you can buy a number very cheaply at a one off cost of £50.00 plus a monthly line rental of £2.00. For more information, e-mail Laurence Lowe.

Email address & website/s

Next to include is your email address and web site address

How to connect

Social media accounts

A question I am now asking myself is should you include either your Twitter, Linked In or Facebook page id or all three?

These social media tools are becoming more important in the world of business and networking, so it’s something I am certainly thinking about.

Your services

One thing that really stood out for me though is that many business owners do not include the service they offer on their business card. I agree that when networking, you might introduce yourself by explaining the services you offer, but you would be lucky if everyone you speak to requires your service at that particular time. So, six weeks or six months down the line, when a potential client requires a particular service and looks through his contacts / business cards will the card with no detail be overlooked?

Therefore, would you agree that that card is worth less than all of the others?