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Scams come in all shapes and sizes

I never thought I’d fall for a scam but a few weeks ago I go caught off guard…..

I wanted a kick start to losing a bit of weight and there was a link on Facebook to a site offering free samples of Raspberry Ketone and Nutra Green Coffee Cleanse.  All I had to do was pay the postage and packing.  I am always very careful about giving my credit card details to these sites sorts of sites but I didn’t think it was a problem as you did not have to sign up for further supplies, so I saw it as a great opportunity to try the pills.  I paid the postage and packing with my credit card but did not agree to them taking any money other than the p&p.  Surprise surprise my credit card statement arrived and I have been debited £84.95 for the Keytone and £69.95 for the Nutra Green Coffee.  I emailed the customer services department straight away but as predicted I didn’t get a reply.  I called the UK 0800 number and got an automated response which gave you one choice which was to cancel your subscription which I did and I received an automated email confirming cancellation.  I called my credit card company and they informed me that it would have said on the website that in order to not pay for the pills, I would have to return them within a few days. How can they be free samples if you are not allowed to try them?

I am sure there wasn’t any such instruction on the website so I decided to visit the site again.  Well what do you know, the original web site does not exist anymore and there is a holding page inviting you to cancel your subscription.

Oh and you can buy the exact same tablets from Holland and Barrett for £8.95 duh!!!

Have I been scammed?  I think so, now the fight is on to get my money back.