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Ten ways to enable you to start growing your business and begin enjoying your life again

  1. Hire a Virtual Assistant – As a successful business owner you need to be able to delegate. If you continue to do it all yourself, the non-income generating tasks will break into your personal time.  Try writing a ‘to do list’ and at the end of each day any task not completed which does not generate revenue should be outsourced to your VA.

  2. Hire a Virtual Assistant – It is very cost effective to hire a VA.  LinksVA does not charge in 15 minute increments so you only pay for hours worked.  You do not pay for office space, NI, sick or maternity leave etc. as most Virtual Assistants work from their own home office.

  3. Hire a Virtual Assistant – If you just need help for a couple of weeks to support on an ongoing project, your Virtual Assistant can step in and work with your current team, giving them support and allowing them to deliver on time.

  4. Hire a Virtual Assistant – Need your bookkeeping up to date and ready to hand over to your accountant? Your VA is able to work virtually, getting everything in order to agreed deadlines.  She can then maintain your books ensuring your end of year accountants fees do not increase through extra work needed.  Never pay an HMRC fine again.

  5. Hire a Virtual Assistant - HR Consultants – Do you worry about who will take notes at your next disciplinary or grievance meetings? Your VA is skilled at note taking and can be available when needed.

  6. Hire a Virtual Assistant – Have you missed another dinner date because you needed to work late at the office? Use your VA, especially through those busy periods and  make sure you attend the next one.

  7. Hire a Virtual Assistant – Are you ever looking at your watch during a client meeting and thinking about what tasks are waiting for you back at the office? Do you think your client doesn’t notice that your mind isn’t 100% on the meeting?  Your VA can free up your time so you can make your meetings more productive and give your client your full attention.

  8. Hire a Virtual Assistant – Virtual Assistants use up to date technology. You may need a .pdf document turning into a word document and but don’t have the correct Adobe software or you might need a word or excel document formatting but don’t have the time or skills.  You might even need something updating or mapping on Visio but don’t have the software.  Before you pay out for a license or spend hours playing around with formatting, ask your VA for help.  It’s what we are here for.

  9. Hire a Virtual Assistant – Are you using an out of date database thus wasting valuable time trying to get through to the correct person? Your VA can clean and update your database saving you time and frustration.

  10. Hire a Virtual Assistant – Choose your VA carefully. Consider what you want.  Remember as well as your VA needing the right skills, you need to be able to work together.  That is why LinksVA offers the first consultation meeting free of charge.

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