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A Few Web Sites That May Help You To Manage Your Day To Day Tasks

These days we are all so busy.  It’s easy to forget to carry out a task, it’s easy to forget a password and it’s even easier to continue to work not knowing if what you are doing is the right thing for your business and clients.  I am sharing below some of the sites that I use day to day which help me to stay organised and they are all free.

  1. https://www.wunderlist.com/en/    This is offers an online ‘to do’ list.  List  both private and work related tasks.  Set sub-tasks and reminders so you won’t forget anything again.
  2. https://www.passpack.com/online/  This site stores all of your passwords in one place.  It also has the facility for passwords to be shared by colleagues who are invited by you.
  3. http://capsulecrm.com/ This is a free CRM platform which allows you to monitor your sales pipeline, track client and organisational activity and log notes and tasks relating to a particular person or organisation.  Another free site I recently came across that offers the same sort of thing is https://podio.com.
  4. www.myhours.com  Keep note of the hours spent on each paid f0r task or for each client at MyHours.com.  You can set up clients and organisations, projects and tasks and you can run reports by project, task or client.  I use MyHours to track the time I spend working on client work so they pay for the time worked only.
  5. www.mailchimp.com  Build a database and send newsletters to keep your past, present and future clients up to date with your business news and offers.  
  6. www.surveymonkey.com  Are you giving your clients what they need?  Why not ask them by sending out a survey using Survey Monkey.

Have fun trying out these free platforms and if you need any assistance, please get in touch.